How Do I Place An Order ?

1. Selection of products

Goods to purchase can be chosen by browsing the product categories and subcategories of the

e-shop. Product categories can be sorted by various parameters such as price, popularity or newness.

2. Add to cart

While you are browsing through the e-shop, you can add items that you want to purchase to the

shopping cart by clicking on the “Add to cart” button for individual products. On the top right

side of the e-shop you can see the number of items in your cart and the total price. By clicking

on the number of items you can view your shopping cart, where you can manage the products

you want to buy.

3. Order goods

The process of ordering the products you want to buy consists of several steps:

  • 1. Cart
  • 2. Fill in information
  • 3. Check the information and confirm your order. Once you have your desired products on the cart you proceed to the Checkout Page where you will be asked to fill in all the necessary information to finish your order. Once all the information is filled in you can send your order for further processing.


The benefits of registration include easy ordering of goods without repeatedly filling out the shipping information.

You can register by clicking on “My Account” in the top menu of the e-shop. Once you are logged in you can access

and change your personal information as well as track your orders.

Shipping options.

Shipping options include by Post or by Local Pickup.

Payment options

Payment options include Direct Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Paypal or you can pay once you pick up your order.

Returns & Refunds

Your order can only be returned & refunded after 24 hours from the payment.

Thank you for shopping with us!