Swarovski Crystalpixie Tiny Treasures Easy Display Set


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Swarovski® Crystalpixie Tiny Treasures Easy Display Set 40pcs.

Display Set including 2 Pieces from each colour:

    1. Crystal Caviar Blue
    2. Silk Dorado Z
    3. Tanzanite Shimmer
    4. Crystal Caviar Green
    5. Vintage Rose Shimmer
    6. Piercing Rose Peach
    7. Piercing Crystal Metallic Sunshine
    8. Crystal Red Magma
    9. Aquamarine Light Chrome Z
    10. Crystal Antique Pink
    11. Crystal Caviar Rose
    12. Crystal Silver Night
    13. Crystal Copper
    14. Amethyst Dorado Z
    15. Aquamarine Shimmer
    16. Crystal Caviar White
    17. Piercing Crystal Aurore Boreale
    18. Piercing Crystal Silver Night
    19. Chrysolite Light Chrome Z
    20. White Opal Shimmer

Crystalpixie™ Tiny Treasures’ miniature crystals come in mix-and-match packets that can be arranged on any colored lacquer base to show off your artistic flair. These XILION Flat Backs in Tanzanite Shimmer belong to Swarovski’s Street Star theme – position them against black lacquer for a funky urban effect. To get the full look, try combining them with striking Crystal Silver Night Pendants, Crystal Caviar balls in Blue, or Flat Backs in Amethyst. Whatever your perfect combination, it will be a one-of-a-kind design that is special to you.


Have fun with the latest nail art sensation: Crystalpixie™ Tiny Treasures. Start planning a stunning design by mixing and matching your favorite packets of miniature crystals, and then arrange your assortment on a colored lacquer base. These Crystal Caviar balls in rich Green are a striking element of Swarovski’s Wild Nature theme, designed to turn your nails into a stylish contemporary statement. For a fresh, organic look, try combining Crystal Caviar balls in Green with Crystal Copper and Aquamarine Shimmer


Pick and mix your perfect selection of miniature crystals with these tempting Crystalpixie™ Tiny Treasures. Decorate a base lacquer with your own unique design and watch as your nails are transformed into a sparkling style statement. These XILION Flat Backs in Vintage Rose Shimmer are a stunning element of the Magic Touch theme. Pair them with delicate Crystal Caviar balls in White, or bold Crystal Metallic Sunshine to create an eye-catching look. The only limit is your imagination


Get inspired by Crystalpixie™ Tiny Treasures – stunning little crystals for fingernails that come in mix-and-match packets. They allow you to come up with your own personalized designs by adding a unique selection of sparkling crystals to any lacquer base. These Rose Peach Pendants with jump rings make for eye-catching nail piercings, and are a stunning part of the candy-colored Pretty Thing theme. So unleash your artistic potential and express your style instincts to create sparkling, totally one-of-a-kind nail art.

Turn your nails into an out-of-this-world accessory with the help of Crystalpixie™ Tiny Treasures. Nail art has never been this fun or this easy. Simply choose your favorite selection from the pick-and-mix packets of miniature crystals, and create a pattern with them on a colored lacquer base. These gleaming Crystal Red Magma Flat Backs are breathtakingly glamorous, and go well with other gem-like crystal colors for a striking, dramatic look.

Crystalpixie™ Tiny Treasures are all about translating your own unique style into eye-catching nail art. With these mix-and-match packets of miniature Rimmed Flat Backs in Aquamarine from Swarovski’s Pretty Thing theme, you’ll be inspired to create completely individual designs. Great for creating playful pop-art styles, pair Aquamarine with candy colors such as Rose Peach and White Opal Shimmer to create a zingy, lively palette to give your nails real standout. Explore the various color combinations and come up with a design that’s truly one of a kind. 

With Crystalpixie™ Tiny Treasures, the creative possibilities are endless. They come in mix-and-match packs of gorgeous little crystals, allowing you to create your own unique nail art designs. These Creation Flat Backs in Crystal Antique Pink are a charming member of the candy-colored Pretty Thing theme – use them to create your own personalized nail art on a lacquer base to bring a sparkling, one-of-a-kind glamour to your fingertips. Combine Crystal Antique Pink with Rose Peach and White Opal Shimmer to create delectable designs, and turn artistic self-expression into style statements

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